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Omaha Children`s Museum

Omaha Children`s Museum

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Omaha Children’s Museum is located on 20th and Howard streets in downtown Omaha, Nebraska.Starting its operations in 1976, out of the back of a station wagon, Omaha Children’s Museum delivered workshops and programs to thousands of area children.In 1977, the articles of incorporation were filed and, shortly thereafter, the museum found its first home in the City/County connector building.The museum was later moved to the corner of 18th and St Mary's, and finally to its permanent home in the present location - the former McFayden Ford building - in 1989.A series of renovations took place in the years 1993 and 2002, which made this facility one of the largest children's museums in the country.The permanent exhibits in the museum are housed in the Toddler Exploration Center, Charlie Campbell Science and Technology Center, and Creative Center. The museum’s Baker's Store encourages children’s decision making and problem solving skills.The museum also offers a Kids Construction Company where children can build to their hearts content with materials varying from colorful Giant Lego blocks and builder boards, to giant Popsicle sticks. The Rainbow Farm is another point of interest in the museum.Since its inception, Omaha Children's Museum has been a special place where children can challenge themselves, discover how the world works and learn through play. The museum now boasts traveling exhibits and conducts various programs, as well.It also organizes group activities such as birthday parties, camps, clubs, field trips, museum rentals, outreach programs, overnights, and workshops.

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