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Naue II Mycenaean Bronze Sword Tests

Naue II Mycenaean Bronze Sword Tests


Thrand and Eldgrim test the long awaited Naue II Bronze swords from master bronze weaponsmith and Historian Neil Burridge . They give short history and Thrand test the sword along with aspis in hand out on 20% ballistic gel ans with layers of linen to simulate the old linothorax to see how powerful a thrust can come from the these revered ancient weapons of war! So sit back grab a mead, wine or ouzo and enjoy the package opened and bronze blades of a master smith tested.

Neil Burridge's site to order these wonderful works of antiquity and learn from him as well!

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Note from viewer css1971

Bronze hardness (Vickers) : 60-258 depending on the mixture of tin/copper
Iron hardness: 30-80
Steel (iron/iron carbide matrix): 175-458
Hard steel (late swords and modern steels): 650+

A good bronze sword wouldn't be a bad choice until steel came along, and even then the early steels would have been half a dozen of one six of the other.

Lovely swords btw. ... Only £350 ... hmmmm..... I know what I'm saving up for now.

Watch the video: Forging a Bronze-Age Sword (January 2022).