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California Citrus State Historic Park

California Citrus State Historic Park

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California Citrus State Historic Park was founded in August 1993 as a living historical museum reflecting the citrus industry heritage. The unique 400-acre park is located in Riverside, one mile east of Hwy 91. The land, somewhat hilly, varies in elevation from 920 to 1,060 feet above sea level.The park preserves some of the rapidly fading cultural landscape of the citrus industry, which had great meaning in the history and development of California. In other words, the charming settings here recall an era in agriculture (when "Citrus was King" in the state) that forever changed the landscape of Southern California.The enclosed land still continues to produce high quality fruits. There are many trails meandering through orange groves and citrus varietal blocks.The land sketch reflects building design and landscaping of the early 1900s, with Craftsman/California bungalow-style structures. The restroom and drinking fountains are found in the picnic area.The visitor center houses a gift shop and a museum where visitors can learn how oranges came to Riverside County in the late 1800s and early 1900s and sparked California's second "gold rush."The historic Gage Canal and related structures running east to west below the dam also add to its charm. A series of knolls here are encircled by some of the palm lined roadways from the 1920s.The park’s activities include exhibits and programs, guided tours, and hiking trails. Parking for 106 cars is available.

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